Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Back to the blog..CORDIALLY yours!!!

I have neglected this blog, and reading back while looking for a photo, I realised it's pretty worthwhile, so, off we go.
Since petering-out, I've discovered a lot of cool kitchen stuff, among this being home-made cordials.  They've been a BIG HIT!
Easy to make!
I pick massive amounts of "u-pick" blueberries every year at Oakview Farms and turn them into lovely cordials.  All you need is sugar cubes, fruit and some mid-priced Vodka...lots of it.  (BTW, if you are stuck for a disinfectant, Vodka does the job.)  
You fill a canning jar 3/4 full of fruit, add the sugar cubes to the top of the jar, then pour Vodka in until it's topped-off.  Put the lid on tightly and stick the stuff in the back of a cabinet or someplace else dark and cool for as many weeks as you have before giving it away..the longer the better.  I do them right after picking and decant during the Xmas season.  I decant by pouring them into those flip-top bottles (the ones with the old-fashioned clip-closers) thru a fine mesh of some kind (I used a tea-strainer.)
I am experimenting with peaches.  You have to keep flipping the jar over, tho, as the peach-slices tend to float and some have turned a rather unappetising colour, but, everything seems fine and the cordial tastes yummy.  I've also done cherry cordials.  I might try strawberries next year, but, hate to waste a delicious, fresh strawberry on anything other than just scarfing it down.  In the meantime, casting about for other fruits to use.

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